Whitehat Jr

Karan Bajaj, the founder & CEO of India EdTech startup, Whitehat Jr said that they would be hiring 1500 teachers and 400 staff which were almost doubling every month to meet the increase in the student’s enrollment. This was mainly because of the transition into online classes by teachers and students despite COVID-19 across the world.

He further said that the company is looking for the hiring of non-teaching staff to look over the operations and the minimum salary package of Rs.500,000/ per annum would be offered for the basic level jobs in the Whitehat Jr.

As most of the students are preferring for online learnings, the enrollments have been increased which resulted in the hiring of more employees into the company. He stated that the 500 teachers and 200 students were added in the month of April 2020 virtually which was almost 100% increase from the earlier months.

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The Whitehat Jr also offers Artificial Intelligence courses for students within the age group between 6 to 14 years and they are further looking to hire professionals from other startup companies as well.

The Whitehat Jr mostly prefers to hire employees on a contract basis i.e. freelancing. He added that they have a strong IT system in the company to enable the teachers to work remotely without any difficulties.

The new hires require a minimum of 1 to 5 years of experience in the relevant field. Bajaj also said that they are hiring employees in other levels like team leaders, managers, directors, etc. in the company, and experiences vary based on the level.

The funding companies Nexus Venture Partners and Omidyar Network India are looking for expansion throughout the world and the company’s business in the US also grew by 200% during this period.

Bajaj said that they have a strong internal recruitment team of 25 people within the company for the hiring process and they are getting various applications throughout the world and even from the social media platforms.


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