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Wagonfly: Contactless shopping uses radio frequency identification technology to identify and track objects. CafeFLYis also operated by the firm so that customers can also order household essentials.  

In this pandemic situation, social distancing is very important, Wagonfly offers contactless delivery and shopping experience to the consumer. About $500,000 is raised from Investment Trust of India (ITI), ITI Growth, and angel investor Manoj Kumar. 

This Bangalore-based setup uses radio frequency identification technology, which is used in identifying and tracking the objects, to tag the item in store for offering a smart shopping solution from account management to tracking and smart checkout without any human involvement. 

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According to Mohit Gulati’s recent speech, RFID is 25-year-old technology, with the years the cost comes down significantly, which helps to create a contactless shopping experience and a flawless supply chain for retail outlets. 

He also added that they are partnered with men’s apparel brand Wrogn and looking for more brands to the partnership after lockdown. Wagonfly’s solution helps the retailer to build trust in shoppers, by creating contactless shopping with no human interaction and cashier-less stores. 

The firm also runs CafeFLY, which was founded by Raghavendra Prasad in 2018. CafeFLY is an online marketplace that offers customers with all household essentials such as personal care items and food grains online. The delivery is contactless and done within 24 hours.

Raghavendra Prasad said that “Covid-19 has completely changed the retail model. In the upcoming days, whenever the retail opens the customer is going to favor contact-free journey in mortar and brick as well as also in e-commerce.

Prasad also adds up that Wagonfly is going to a significant role in creating contact-free shopping experience to consumers in stores and malls through the contact-free checkout technology. Besides, it allows the products to be tracked from the industrial unit until the consumer offers companies with the data points for necessary actions to profit the consumers as well as the business.

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