Scankart will forever change the way you shop at your favorite grocery stores, book stores, restaurants, and most importantly retail fashion stores. From idea to product, Scankart was entirely was made India by a group of IT enthusiasts based in Hyderabad. Scankart App enables users to self-checkout at all major retail chains across India. In most of the retail stores where you buy grocery’s, footwear, restaurants, clothing, gift shops, and book stores the usual waiting time at the checkout is a lot but by using Scankart App the user can pick up the item scan the product, pay in the app and can just leave the store by eliminating waiting at the queue lines. Scankart lets you order your meal and customize food before you go to a restaurant.

Sreeroop Achanta – C.E.O ScanKart

The App will also help the user in finding the right and genuine products across their nearby stores and also gives the user choice of payment wherein most of the retail stores accept card or cash. with eliminating checkout lines and waiting time Scankart App aims to save time and money of the user at zero cost. Currently, the design and development team led by the CEO of Scankart App Mr. Sreeroop Achanta has finished the design and development of the app and has raised an undisclosed amount from an angel investor. The Violet Sky Technologies Pvt Ltd aims to launch the App in the market by early October for android and IOS.

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