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Monday Paytm has said that, Paytm expands their postpaid services, and offering to cover retail chains like Croma, apollo pharmacy, reliance fresh, Haldiram, shoppers stop. Paytm users can use this Paytm postpaid service to buy their home essentials, do their online shopping and they can pay bills as well. This Paytm service is offered in a partnership that offers credit lines for various payments to users of Paytm.

Paytm “Buy Now – Pay Later”:

Paytm "Buy Now - Pay Later"

Users could use Paytm postpaid to buy their essentials and also it will help them to pay their bills. 

During this pandemic, seeing a high demand consumer credit company has an enhancement credit limit up to 1lakh, for monthly spends to enable payment for large items like furniture or it could be any electronic product. A statement said that a postpaid icon will be shown to select users. Payment could be done by 7th and it’s applicable for every month.

Paytm has said that service will provide relief to all those who use Paytm service.

The company has launched three postpaid- lite, delite, and elite. And it will be offered based on NBFC’s appraisement.

Postpaid lite limits come with 20,000 and a convenience charge, on the other hand, delite and elite have no convenience charge and their credit limits from 20,000 – 10,000. 

Paytm postpaid, this service could use all those users who don’t have an excellent credit score, they will use this service too. It has been added no cost associated with activating Paytm postpaid.

This is a mission to provide access to credit. In this current situation, we should definitely stand by every Indian and give them the power to get on credit when it’s necessary, it has been said by Paytm president Amit Nayyar. 

Paytm has already said that, the need for cash withdrawals to meet the monthly household expenses.

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Paytm postpaid service could be used to buy groceries, like eggs, milk, oil, butter, bread, rice any other things which are necessary for our daily. 

Paytm postpaid is also use for recharge your mobile, if you want to book your movie tickets then you could use this service, with this service you could do your all the online payments like tata-sky, Pepperfry, Flipkart, Myntra, spencer’s, you could use this service for any online shopping and many more.

Paytm postpaid has been issued by Clix Capital, Clix Capital is the leading digital lending of India. 

All the nearby stores had been opened, in this pandemic situation, COVID-19 lockdown, forcing many tech companies to took at the products invented to tap into this segment. 

Payment companies, like phone-pay and google pay, have allowed lockdown to search operational stores on their platforms. Recently, Mastercard partnered with axis bank to launch a ‘softpos’ solution that allows offline merchants to use their smartphones as a point of sale.

Paytm plans to include more than 4 million customers in this service. 

Postpaid is currently being offered in partnership with non-banking finance partners.

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