Anand Mahindra Invested $1 Million in Hapramp

Hapramp: “Took 2 years, but I finally found the start-up I was looking for!” announced Anand Mahindra while talking about the Hapramp, the start-up on which he invested recently.

Five students founded Hapramp in 2018. They belonged to the Indian Institute of Information Technology. The year 2020 turned out to be a game-changing opportunity for Hapramp. 

Mahindra declared on twitter about a funding opportunity. He said that he was ready to invest in any Indian Social Media Startup which meets his criteria.  Luckily Hapramp met the expectations. 

Anand Mahindra Invested $1 Million in Hapramp:

It’s working on trends that comprise social media. Hapramp is blending technology, data protection, and security together. Added to that it’s a unique and creative platform. 

Anand Mahindra informed that he had asked Jaspreet Bindra, ex- Mahindra executive to collaborate with him in finding a new, innovative and worthy Indian social network start-up. After finding Hapramp and investing in it Mahindra stated the reason behind investing in this project. He proclaimed that the team is building a Web 3.0 social networking platform. The platform uses emerging strategies, has a solid business model and it protects personal information. It’s secured and built locally in India. It’s an initiative to reward content creators is unique.  

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“We are honored and excited,” reported Hapramp Co-founder and chief executive officer Shubhendra Vikram. He further added that this investment is a massive approval which will help them achieve their mission. They believe a creator has the right over his/her content. The funding received will be utilized for extending the platform and for empowering creators. 

Anand Mahindra has signed with the team as their Executive Advisor and Mentor. Initially, the team of 5 was funded by Huddle, a sector agnostic incubator. Huddle is based in Gurugram. 

Besides launching it’s a new social media platform, Hapramp also operates a flagship social networking solution called GoSocial. It is a platform that allows it’s a user to take challenges. The challenges are creative and are given by certain artists, writers, or photographers.

A user can choose the number of days for which they want to engage themselves and have to give a daily update. Once the no.of days are finished the user is rewarded. In addition to it, Hapramp operates and Asteria Protocol. This helps in providing security to public data and also provides user privacy. 

GoSocial is running successfully and has earned 50,000 active users within just three months. The founders said that they are targeting one lakh users at the end of the month and want to achieve a goal of 10 lakh users by the end of this year 2020. 

Currently, the team of Hapramp consists of 12 employees. The founders want to continue operating with a small team but they may start hiring and employment procedures by end of the present year when they will be 25-30 in number. 

GoSocial is available for all android users in the GooglePlay store. The team wishes to make it available for the Apple App store soon. 


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