Modern problems require modern solutions and the solution to just about everything is available at a single click. But what happens when you don’t have the right resources? Well, JiffyCharge was born out of an idea to make accessible charging for phones, easy. Instead of dealing with the hassles of carrying a power bank or a charger, you can just rent one. The founder, Anoop, was someone who was often stuck with problematic battery life for his phone and it was upon research, that he discovered how power bank sharing is not just a viable business model but also reduced carbon footprints. It was a matter of time, and he knew he wanted to pursue it, and that, is how JiffyCharge was born.

His drive for pursuing this endeavor was the primary force behind the start-up, in addition to the fact that it adds value to the community. The journey started off with an attempt to explore the growing business of power bank sharing in South East Asia and after ahis brief travel, he made some relevant contacts to get JiffyCharge started. From quitting his profitable industrial unit to fighting the COVID 19 scare, this start-up shall have a lot of stories to narrate when it is a huge success.

JiffyCharge survives on consistency, something that Anoop thinks is often side-lined by many start-up founders and how taking a day off is not something one can enjoy while building something right from the ground.

As far as onboarding customers are concerned, it is a very basic process because it starts from their need to have a power bank and concludes with them being happy upon finding one nearest to them and simply renting it instead of worrying about carrying one or having a charger. Even though it is a relatively new concept, the utility of JiffyCharge is ultra-pure and it is likely to attract repeat customers.

Ask Anoop about their first milestone and he narrates, “I think, for the company, it was a milestone when we had the first customer use JiffyCharge at a hospital and send us feedback saying it saved his day because a family member got admitted to the hospital and he didn’t have to worry much about the battery dying. I personally like to take every single step towards growth as a milestone and the first time I saw our MVP work, I was excited beyond imagination.”

JiffyCharge, as a company, needs a lot of out of the box thinking since it brings a young product to the market. While it resonates with the entire team at JiffyCharge, what also helps them get a better understanding of the products and convey the utility message to the crowd is because they are the true target customers in every sense. This thought process truly sets them apart in every sense.

While the world is dealing with the COVID 19 outbreak, team JiffyCharge has set its focus on bringing about necessary upgrades to their system with a belief that fundamentally strong companies will definitely sustain.


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