Art in India has been perceived as a luxury and that often keeps many away from making purchases, or to indulge in creating them either. None the less, the art space has evolved over the years and with an attempt to make it accessible, Vaishnavi Murli came up with her online art gallery, Eikowa back in 2015. What started off as a digital platform for paintings has now expanded to other art forms including sculptures, glassworks, etc. In addition, they also have services like art advisory and consulting, along with taking care of other cleaning and documentation needs.

Eikowa has come a long way from where they started, especially in terms of the kind of artists they started with. They now have upcoming, mid-career and senior artists on board, which in itself, is quite the feat. Some of their artists include Shampa Sircar Das, Om Swami, Amit Bhar, and a few others. The themes of the available paintings vary from abstract to conceptual to miniature, and a few others.

They have had substantial revenue growth every year even though they had to witness both demonetization and COVID in their short journey.

Eikowa works on a commission basis and they don’t charge for listings in an attempt to promote and showcase art. At Eikowa, the emphasis is on being friendly and making the customers feel welcomed. Some of the primary ways by which that is done is by sharing their excitement and being available on calls at any time.

In order to allow customers to get a look and feel of the artwork at their own homes by letting them choose a painting and have a manager drop it at their doorsteps. In a rather ironic turn of events, Eikowa went on to become the first in India to implement the visualization tool on their website. It allowed the buyers to see how would a frame look on their desired wall with the help of technology, and it sure worked wonders. The idea was to make art tech-friendly and help reach a larger audience.

Vaishnavi, the founder of Eikowa, has always had a flair for art and she channelized it into this due to her love for Indian art and Indian craft while her MBA skills sure came in handy. Curating artwork is indeed the best way to help bring the right kind of art to the attention of the finest art connoisseurs and that is what Eikowa does.

With the wave of start-ups that the country has seen, the Eikowa was also an attempt to bring something new while also putting together her love for art and marketing. The idea of having an online art gallery was also to help art prosper across the country, without any boundaries.

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