Baby care is an ever-growing concern for all the mothers and if anything, they always want the best. While the concerns never cease, up and coming productive ways continue to be the savior for all the childcare needs. In an attempt to develop natural, responsible, and eco-friendly baby care products, Pooja Reddy Vootkuri founded Bhoomi & Co. in 2018.

Bhoomi Bamboo diapers use bamboo fiber as the raw material and do not include any kind of chemicals, which in turn, makes them suitable for babies. Available in multiple sizes, the idea was born due to Pooja’s interest in anything that was labeled organic/eco-friendly/biodegradable. She says, “Diapers are a very essential part of a baby for the first 2 years of their life and the habits that are inculcated during the first few years will stay with them for a lifetime and that is how Bhoomi was born, trying to create and provide a better alternative for the babies.

What happened to be one of the biggest risks for Pooja with the company is the sheer fact that there is a lack of awareness regarding such products in the society and Bhoomi & Co. was the first to introduce such a product. Given the entire process and certification that goes into the production of these diapers, they are priced higher than the regular diapers. 

None the less, it was during their initial journey that the team realized just how mothers are already looking for eco-friendly options in light of wanting the best for their baby. Ask her about their process of onboarding clients, and Pooja gives us a quick insight into it. She reveals, “We do only online sales via our website and amazon. We’re also tied up with two other sustainable websites and Online presence is our biggest factor to bring in our customers but also me personally being based put of Hyderabad had helped me build a good customer base in my city through word of mouth.”

In the near future, Bhoomi & Co. is aiming to raise a capital of nearly 500 million USD while expanding into other countries too. Currently, they are a self-funded profitable company. In addition, Pooja is also looking at expanding her company product-wise and they are currently exploring bamboo clothing for kids. The focus, however, continues to be on producing sustainable items. 

Throughout her journey of two years, she has had to deal with her own set of challenges, primarily on the personal front since she had to manage her one-year-old and build the company at the same time. With 2 employees in the company, all of the work for Bhoomi & Co. including digital, design & packaging is outsourced. 

For a company that is one of a kind in the country right now, they’re sure is a long way to go. With the plans that Pooja has for the company ahead, it is sure to make childcare in the country not just sustainable, but also smart and comfortable. 


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