Ameliorate Biotech Raised 2 Crore as Angle Investment

Ameliorate Biotech is a science and technology-based private limited company based in Bangalore, India. In today’s world business means making huge amounts of profit but Ameliorate Biotech aims at changing the lives and health of many people through a dynamic range of healthcare products. Many challenges and shortcomings are always faced by the doctors and healthcare service providers to carry out primary healthcare treatment in remote areas of India, and it results that they cannot detect and defeat the disease caused to the patient at an early stage.

While many metropolitan cities have gained access to high tech healthcare technologies, but the rural citizens of our country are still facing a lack of minimum healthcare and sanitation facilities. Ameliorate Biotech work for the development to enhance technology and also focuses on manufacturing and marketing early diagnostic kits and also maintains the quality and also making it pocket friendly so that it is accessible and each and everybody can cure their disease on the very first stage.

Ameliorate has a very young and dynamic team and research specialists who believe in teamwork and also committed to providing the best healthcare service all over India.

Ameliorate Biotech is a PadUp monitored company that recently raised Rs.2 crore as angel investment for their product named ASSURED which is a device that is used for detecting malaria, chikungunya, and dengue.

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ASSURED stands for Affordable Sensitive Specific User-friendly Rapid/robust Equipment-free Device which is a patent kit that can easily detect three mosquito-spread diseases whose symptoms can be easily seen within a duration of 10 minutes after biting.

Ameliorate Biotech Raised 2 Crores:

The founder of the company Mr. Rashbehari Tunga and Mrs. Binita Shrivastava Tunga and both of them are biotech scientists. After an incident, the couple lost their 11 years old daughter due to dengue, from that very incident they decided to make a device that can detect and defect disease at an early stage and named that device as ASSURED with an aim to provide a low-cost diagnosis to the poor people.

PadUp Ventures are a knowledge and mentoring company that helps starters and accelerators with planned, process-oriented programs that deal with startups. The company has been mentoring startups and also makes use of technologies like AI, Blockchain, and ML, etc. The company has a partnership with governments across India and also with many educational institutions and corporate firms as well.

The co-founder of PadUp Ventures Mr. Pankaj Thakur said that “It is just a beginning for Ameliorate Biotech and it is a long way to cover and also to achieve many more milestones”.

There is another investment company Vinners and it is their 11th investment. Mr. Harvindrajit Bhatia the chairperson of Vinners said that “We felt the potential and the aim of serving the nation for a good cause”.

At last Mr. Tunga, the CEO of Ameliorate Biotech said some words that “the money that has been raised will be helping us in conducting the clinical trials effectively and also the supply of these kits should be on a huge basis”.


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