Amazon: Novel Corona Virus has not only affected India’s work culture, and health care situation, but has also deprived its people of a certain recreational habit that many hold dear: drinking liquor. The nationwide lockdown has been depriving the states of a hefty sum of revenue that they would have otherwise received through the sale of alcoholic beverages alone.

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With the shutters tightly sealing the counters of wine shops all across the country for what seems to be for an indefinitely long span of time, many Indians are struggling to put a lid on their alcohol cravings. There are a few states that have either resumed or kept their sale of alcohol going, however, with a deadly virus lurking about the vicinity, shopkeepers have been reluctant to keep their shops open, fearing for their own health.  Shops that do stay open have been observed serving massive queues, which enhances the risk to a greater extent. 

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A report by Reuters says that the company Amazon, which runs the world’s most leading e-commerce website, has recently been granted permission to commence the sale, and direct home delivery of alcohol through online means and their mobile application by the West Bengal Beverages Corporation, in the state of West Bengal, India. Reuters have sourced their findings to a document that indicated Amazon’s entry into the alcohol market of the state.  This newly forged relationship between the state and this e-commerce giant could tie them with a memorandum of understanding. 

However, Amazon isn’t the only company that is supposed to gain clearance in West Bengal when it comes to the sale and delivery of Alcohol.  BigBasket, which is an extremely reputed online grocery store, had recently been permitted by the Government of West Bengal to deliver and sell alcohol through their website and their mobile application! 

According to reports published by the IWSR Drinks Market Analysis; if Amazon truly delves into the territory of Alcohol in the state of West Bengal alone, they will be entering a market that is currently worth a staggering amount of $27.2 billion. However, before BigBasket and Amazon, food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato began alcohol delivery services in a few Indian states as a result of their extremely high liquor demands. 

This interesting bit of news can make many wonders whether similar facilities are going to be established in the other Indian States as well or not. Right now, the chances of that happening are rather uncertain, since each state holds its own liquor policies alongside a slightly different set of liquor laws and jurisdictions. Right now, West Bengal seems to be one amongst a few other Indian states who have spread their arms and invited e-commerce websites to cooperate in the local sales and purchases of alcoholic beverages. 

This is a truly revolutionary step that could greatly reduce the risk of the population getting infected by the novel Corona Virus. If this system progresses with positive results, then it can be assumed that other states would take the example of West Bengal and introduce similar policies.

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