About us

About us

Our website is based on current news. We cover all zones of journalism. Our experts are working to update strenuously round the clock. “Think big and achieve big” Is our Tharaka mantra. Never they published unwanted or unethical news. Our site is aiming to be open in all aspects. 

“No truth can be hidden from media”

Our Founder

No doubt about his skills and capability in achieving his vision. 

Our founder is a very talented person in all perspectives and visions for a bright future that is overwhelmingly abided to present better knowledge via our portal. His vision is to

  1. Cover worldwide issues and news. 
  2. Enhance a bigger and better understanding of the current situation. 
  3. It focuses to increase the reliability among the visitors. 
  4. Provide the best support. 
  5. Time to time updates is uploaded. 

Our Goal

We aim to create a portal that achieves to win over the public heart. Not reproduce fake or non-reliable news. We assure to achieve 100k subscriber’s registrations by the end of 2020. Our 2020 must be unforgettable among the visitors and self-development. We are surrounded by well-trained excellence. Their outstanding knowledge makes the website user-friendly, integrated, and reliable. Our motive is simple 

“Teach good; share good” 

We Respect

Our sincere respect for our clients and visitors. We never reduce our news quality for any reason. No promotion will be just for the sake of money. Everything on the site is reliable and guaranteed. No unethical news will be published. We are assuming to reach more and more clients. We ensure to grow our reader’s knowledge in all the happenings around the world. 

“Bow not for any reason.” 

Our Future plan

Mr. Santhosh Thallam widens his vision to develop a  better future for the upcoming generation. We are focussed on all the start-up news on business, education, lifestyle, medicine, etc. There is no boundary fixed for our update. 

Our Mission

No mission is complete without a goal. We follow our goal in reaching 100k subscribers by the year-end. Let us together make a better world and let the dream of ours come true – for a better future. A most prominent feature of the website is the latest updates delivered to the public “as it is” Without any spices added on the scenario. 

“We try to cultivate an Educated India from the seed.” 

For further information and news delivered surfing the entire site will give a better idea. 

“Do now or never”



Santosh Thallam

Sanjay Choudary

Vimala Raman.


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