56 Indian founders meet virtually to discuss alternative to Google Play Store

What if all the phenomenal players join hands together and stand on the same platform for the good of its country and its people? The answer to it is that nobody will be able to stop them from achieving their goals. The same thing happens earlier, the 56 founders of billion dollars companies in India have come together on one platform, joined their hands, and talked collectively over various issues and given their concern relating to the motive of the congregation.

The founders of various Indian startups made collaborations to build-up an alternative to the collection of Internet products companies like Facebook, Youtube, Google, etc. and to put their message in the ears of the governments and these popular digital incorporations that they can’t make India work on the norms of these 2-3 dominating companies. The same example can be seen in the U.S, where the collaborations of uprising startups have also open the movement against the supremacy or dominations of Google and Apple Inc. application stores and the fees they charge for their services.

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Our readers may be thinking why these collective meeting of these great chariots of digital products companies take place so immediately. Then let us tell you that the big reason behind their alliance is Google’s declaration a few days ago. Google declared that they will now start imposing a 30% extra fee on the latest categories that are providing online services like education, health, and dating for payments done within its app system.

This collaboration in the meeting has now become the talk of the country, even across various other countries. The impact of this meeting would be that big tech companies will not be able to charge extra from their customers in the future. They will think many times before making such decisions. Big companies know India is a big country and millions of internet users are they’re only in India.

The maximum number of Facebook, Youtube, and Google users is only India as compare to the rest of the countries of the world. So the Alphabet Inc will be highly impacted by this cofounders meeting, and they are pushing the government along with them to make these global companies’ local’ that would involve or compel the big companies like Facebook and Google to integrate with local entities that are also registered in the local stock markets.

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